Tears Foundation


My grandson Danny, died from SIDS suddenly April 18, 2007.

I cannot begin to tell you what a horrific ordeal and experience that was. The pain of our horrible loss is indescribable. My daughter and her boyfriend were in constant pain, agony, grief, and denial. They were financially unable to make even the slightest bit of arrangements in any form or fashion. They were emotionally distraught beyond belief. You see, for any parent to go through that alone would be sad, at the least, and utterly distraught at the most.

BUT The TEARS Foundation was there! I contacted Sarah and she talked to me with comforting words at least 30 minutes. She cared! Their grant helped her, me, and my family with expenses.

God bless The TEARS Foundation! They were there for my daughter through all her pain, grief, agony, and financial strain. They helped her in her saddest moment in life.

--Grandmother of Danny

Ethan was so smart. He was aware of everything around him. He had a beautiful smile and cooed early. Mary Bridge diagnosed him with Spinal Muscular Atrophy 1. We wanted our little boy. He was heavy care and I took a medical leave from work. Finances were tight, but I just wanted my boy to live. May 13, 2007, I had to call an ambulance because he stopped breathing. When Ethan died, I was in a fog. A friend from work gave me an application to fill out through The TEARS Foundation. I just want to thank you for your help because I was lost. You made a wonderful Foundation.