Tears Foundation

Colorado TEARS Chapter

With your help TEARS can lift a financial burden from newly bereaved families by providing financial assistance to help pay for their baby’s funeral expenses. TEARS also offers free ongoing emotional support in the form of support groups, online support and bereavement resources. If you would like support, click here for more information.

Find us on facebook at The TEARS Foundation Colorado Chapter and Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Group - Tears Foundation

We are currently seeking a volunteer to lead the State Chapter, if interested in learning more about becoming a chapter leader, email Miriam Krause at admin@thetearsfoundation.org or call (253) 200-0944


You were all a HUGE help when I found out I could not have my daughter and you paid for her cremation. I really can't express how much it meant, but if I could see you all I would hug you. Without you, I don't know what I would've done.

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