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Funeral Assistance Programs

If you have found this site because you have just lost a child, our hearts go out to you. The TEARS Foundation pays for current infant and unexpected child funeral expenses, and is not able to help with past bills and assists with costs related to the cremation or burial of an infant or child up to age 12.

Infant Funeral Services

The qualifications to receive funeral assistance from The TEARS Foundation are:

  • The family resides in Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, or Washington State.
  • The baby who died was between 20 weeks gestation up to one year old.
  • Fund availability.
  • Funds are provided based on the family having a financial need.
  • For application, click here
  • Application guidelines, click here
  • The maximum financial assistance is $500 per application. (If the loss is for multiples (twins, triplets, etc) and babies are being buried together the maximum amount provided is $500. If babies are cremated together the maximum amount provided is $250, with an additional $250 available for merchandise).

Charlie & Braden Project 

This program is funded through generous donations of community and business individuals. At this time the funding is low, so please call first before applying. If you would like to support this program contact the office or donate, here.

The qualifications to receive funeral assistance from The TEARS Foundation are:

  • The family resides in Alaska, Arizona, Florida, New Jersey and Washington State.
  • The child who died of unexpected causes was between 1 and 12 years of age.
  • Fund availability.
  • Funds are provided based on the family having a financial need.
  • For application, click here
  • Application guidelines

The new marker was placed on my son's grave today. It is really beautiful and I am so grateful to The TEARS Foundation for providing the stone.

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Jesse's Grant Marker Program

The TEARS Foundation purchases gravemarkers in this special program which purchases markers in the fall of each year. This special grant is for families who have lost an infant (20 weeks gestation up to one year old), it has been over 6 months since their loss, and have not been able to purchase a marker for their child. Jesse's Grants typically purchase flat granite markers. If your child's cemetery requires other markers we may be able to help up to $500 toward the cost. The 2014 Jesse's Grant application process is now open in Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, and Washington.   For application, click here. For more information about Jesse's Grant, contact our office at 253-200-0944 or email at office@thetearsfoundation.org.

Compassionate Care Project                         

Compassionate Care is a group for all professionals who work with families who have experienced the death of a baby. This group meets once a quarter and provides an opportunity for networking and learning for providers who work in the pregnancy & infant loss field. This information will provide all professionals the awareness of resources that are available to families, which will allow grieving parents to have access to each resource they may need at the time of their loss.

Compassionate Care will meet once a quarter. Each quarter, there will be a speaker from one of the organizations that is involved with pregnancy/infant loss. This group is free and we encourage you to spread the word to other providers and organizations within the community who deal in some way with pregnancy/infant loss to attend. The success of this group is dependent on your attendance and willingness to bring our resources together and provide newly bereaved parents the most compassionate care that they deserve.

Meetings are open to anyone who provides a service for parents dealing with pregnancy/infant loss, and those providers who work with or come in contact with bereaved families.

Contact our office for the next meeting date

Moses Basket Project

The TEARS Foundation provides baby style Moses baskets for families who wish to view their little one in something more "baby-ish" than a casket, prior to cremation. These are beautiful hand-decorated baskets which are available as a free gift to families. Once the baby has been viewed in the basket, the family has the choice of taking the basket home with them as a remembrance of their baby, or they may choose to have the basket cremated with the baby. The goal of this project is to offer one more choice for families when they make final arrangements for their child. For more information, email us.


Healthy Native Babies Project

The TEARS Foundation has collaborated with the Healthy Native Babies project and The SIDS Foundation of Washington to create over 48,000 informational materials for our Native Communities in the hopes of reducing the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) in the Native population. Native American babies are 3 times more likely to die of SIDS than white babies and we are attempting to provide information to reduce this number. 

Ways to reduce the risk of SIDS:

  •  Do not co-sleep with baby
  • Always put baby on her back to sleep
  • Do not smoke in the house or around baby
  • Do not layer clothes on baby or overheat baby
  • Have a safe, firm sleep environment for baby